Salt and pepper mill made from Ash wood, 11" tall. Mill styles and shapes are different, making each item unique.

These Grinders are made using the CrushGrind (CrushGrind.com) mechanism, carrying a 25 year unlimited warranty.
Fill the grinder by removing the cap (twisting the cap will help ease the rubber sealing o-ring out) and adding your choice of pepper, salt or spice.
Grind by simply twisting the top and bottom parts of the grinder.
Lacquer is the exterior finish. The interior of the grinder is left natural.
Adjust the grind by turning the gray wheel on the bottom of the grinder.
Care for the exterior of the grinder by an occasional wiping with a damp cloth.

As a way of saying thank you, each MSU Shadows collectible includes an informative Thank You card that details how your purchase supports the Sustainable Wood Recovery Initiative at Michigan State University. All Shadows items are made from a salvaged tree that was removed from campus due to decline, storm damage or construction. The tree was milled into lumber and kiln dried by MSU’s Department of Forestry. The lumber was sent to a Michigan-based artisan who designed and crafted your item. Your purchase of this handmade collectible enhances campus sustainability through tree planting initiatives on campus, and supports student educational programs in forestry and urban wood recovery.


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